b. 1986, HK.


Publications :

Contributor magazine, Cake magazine, Ay Magazine

Clients :

Manon the Moon, Jutka & Riska, Fenny Faber, Nous Avons, Innocence Model Agency

Exhibitions :

Between Lust Mystery & Disgust: Women of Bauhaus - ACPA Photography 2: Final Exhibition, Wijnhaven (The Hague), 2019

Origins - Young Blood Initiative: The Authentic Fake, Corridor Project Space (Amsterdam), 2018

Maman - Young Blood Initiative: [IN]sane: Altered States of Mind, 4bid Gallery (Amsterdam), 2017


Alex Blanco (b. 1988, Ukraine/Brazil) is a photographer currently residing in The Hague (NL). She has an MA Degree in Film & Photographic studies from the University of Leiden and she has also completed a semester of Photography as an elective course at Royal Academy of Art, the Hague. Interested in creating deeply personal, and sometimes, even uncomfortable for the viewer projects, Blanco makes sure that each of her series resonates with her past and directly interacts with her present. Her fashion and fine art photography assignments are highly intuitive and self-reflective.